Identifying products that need to withstand harsh environments and unpredictable weather conditions can be difficult. At SIVA-ID we are constantly developing a range of products for industries where your product could be stored outside or shipped across the world. Our tag or label will enable your product to be identified when it arrives at its destination, reducing confusion and making it easier for your customer to track.

Our Services

On our core products, we hold a base stock ready for quick delivery. Where you need customizations, we work closely with you to schedule on-time deliveries, we plan for the unexpected and always ensure you have labels or tags available for your use.

Our materials are carefully selected to ensure durability over time, whether that is a tag attached to your product or an adhesive label stuck to your product. We also have a range to meet the demands of labelling hot or cold products. We aim to improve your stock management, reduce identification error’s, reduce your waste & make your business as efficient as possible.

Do you print using thermal printers (like Zebra, Cab, TSC, Toshiba, Sato, Brother, Godex etc) or laser printers (like Xerox, Canon, OKI, Sharp etc), if so then our product range will be ideal for your business. 

Our sectors

Steel, Metal & Construction RFID Tags
Steel, Metal & Construction
Chemical RFID Labelling
Chemical Labelling
Horticulture RFID Management

Industries we supply

Coils, Billets, Slab, Re-bar, Rods, Sheet, Ingots, Sections etc.

Metals and components for car manufacturing require full traceability. Electronics and PCB's often require a temperature resistant label for identification.

Aggregates, Brick, Block, Timber, Pipes, Mesh etc.

Drums, IBC's, Sacks, Bags, Kegs and Cans.

Pot pointers, stick in's, loop locks, self-ties and self adhesive pot labels.

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